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One of my friends sews. She sews pants, skirts and T-shirts. I love to wear them. They are comfortable, nice and apart of that I like the most, that I give the money straight to her and not to H&Mkind of stores. For some people, T-shirt for $30 is too expensive. Not that it wouldn´t have that value, but because we can find one for $3.

Very expensive book from a very wealthy author, that doesn´t have to feed anyone nor have to pay a rent and she lives from pure love of hers readers. To be on the safe side compensate with IKEA sheets, so you won’t think I´m a snob. 

I remember exactly the day I stopped illegally download a music.  It was at the same moment that I met a producer and guitar player Martin Ledvina. I have seen, how many people are working on one song, how much money and time it takes.  I realize how long they had to practice to play one great guitar solo

I remember exactly the day I stopped download movies. It was at the same moment I became friends with people from FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy  of Performing Arts in Prague). I have seen how much of hard work, effort and talent they put up to something that we download in three minutes, so we could prove to our friends that we go with the flow and could say. “Oh yeah, I have seen that one already. What a great camera work.”   

My friend complained about how expensive books are.
” So write one by yourself and leave it online to download for free.”
” I would love to, but unfortunately I don´t have time. I have to pay my mortgage. “

Too bad that  there is too little of shelters for writers?

We are outraged by a prostitute for $20, but T-shirt for $3 make us happy. What a big save we made! What it really cost?! A T-shirt just for $3? It is just a different form of prostitution, the one that we can´t see directly, so we tend to overlook it. Because the imported vegetable is always cheaper. Logically. 

It is not about money. Tested for you by me, I don´t have much of them either.
So I just have one T-shirt not five. So I just go to the movies once in a month instead of downloading 10 of them. I rather spent money on a CD then buy some beers. It has an amazing side effect. I have fewer things and better quality ones, because I have to choose them wisely. 

As once said Adam Marčan:  Every time, I pull out my wallet, I choose the world I want. 

We don´t need better ads on products.
We need ads on conscious people.

We have lost the habit of paying.
That will cost us a lot more one day.

P.S.: Off course I know you can´t take everything only this way. I quite like some of the big chains and modern slavers. We cannot take a catch-all approach. Even so … If someone of you start to make iPhones, let me know. 

Written by Michaela      Blog: Růžová PANDA
Translated by OlgaB

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